Fruiting Bodies Mushroom Extracts

Fruiting Bodies mushroom extracts are double-extracted
to capture the properties of the whole mushroom.



After almost 20 years, Maesyffin Mushrooms & Fruiting Bodies have left the Soil Association and are no longer organically certified. This is due to all-round rising costs, including the cost and time involved to complete the annual organic inspection.

For this small business, something had to give.

Other than leaving the Soil Association, nothing will change. I will continue to use my established suppliers (including my local distillery - Da Mhile) and all products will remain unchanged but no longer organically-certified.

Whether you're an existing or a new customer, I promise you that I will NOT be using anything which may contain herbicides or pesticides. I will continue to buy as I always have and production methods will remain the same.

We recommend that our extracts are stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Fruiting Bodies mushroom extracts are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten-free.

All Fruiting Bodies extracts contain vodka and are prepared with 12.5g of dried mushroom per 100ml.

Suggested use is 2ml, taken twice a day in a little water.

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